Weekend Workshop:
Cultivating connection in intimate relations



Sat & Sun 29/30


From 10:00 a.m to 18:00 p.m  

At Karunika Center Amsterdam

Early bird discount: (book before 5th September)

€190 per couple

€120 per individual

€150 per person after 5th September


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From Criticism to Connection 

Contact +39 346 180 7722

Miki Kashtan

"As soon as any difference arises between what I want and what someone else wants, our habits direct us to push or to give up. The alternative is to aim for solutions that work for both of us".

You will learn:

  • How to connect with your partner in conflict
  • How to transform anger into an opportunity for growth
  • How to say NO and to hear a NO without hurting or being hurt
  • How to create loving relationships while maintaining your autonomy, integrity and values
  • How to to find a balance between freedom and commitment

Empathic communication gives us the tools to create meaningful relations while expressing ourselves honestly and staying true to our values.
The seminar is based on the principles of nonviolent communication developed by Marshall Rosenberg PhD, founder of the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

The intention is to open a safe space for self-expression for everyone interested in improving their intimate relations by bringing more joy and creativity that will lead to common growth and more connection.

Come with your partner or on your own, regardless the kind of intimate relationship you are in. A diverse group creates the opportunity for learning, growth and sharing.

Diana Dugulan – imperfect  lovable human being, mother of two little kids, partner (by chance for quite some time now with the same person), traveler, learning and living nonviolent communication since 2013, in process of certification with CNVC, USA.