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Terms and Conditions

As of 4.1.2018


General Rental Terms for Centrum Karunika in Amsterdam

  1. Definitions

    1. 1.1 General conditions Centrum Karunika : these General Terms pertain to the

      hiring of rooms, materials and/or facilities of Centrum Karunika, hereafter to be

      referred to as “ Karunika ”.

    2. 1.2.  Centrum Karunika: Karunika, situated at the Meerhuizenplein 11 as well as

      Meerhuizenplein 38 in Amsterdam.

    3. 1.3.  Renter : the person with whom Karunika has entered into a rental agreement.

    4. 1.4.  Rental agreement : an agreement between Karunika and a hirer concerning the

      hiring of rooms, materials and/or facilities that are the property of Karunika.

    5. 1.5.  Term of hire : the period of time mentioned in the rental agreement during which

      a renter is hiring from Karunika.

    6. 1.6.  Renter categories:

      1. 1.6.1.  Group: Using the halls to give workshops or classes for single or multiple bookings.

      2. 1.6.2.  Therapist: Using the designated therapy rooms. Enjoys our flexible terms for booking short term with flexible cancellation and rescheduling policies. Billing is via pre-paid (strippenkaart) subscription which is valid between 6 months and 1 year.

      3. 1.6.3.  Weekly Renter: Gives weekly classes. Booking periods of minimum 6 months at a times.

    7. 1.7.  Rooms : rooms of any size to be rented out by Karunika to third parties.

    8. 1.8.  Materials : interior material and technical facilities given in rent by Karunika as

      part of the hiring of rooms.

    9. 1.9.  By mail : email.

  2. Applicability of the General Rental Terms

    1. 2.1.  These General Terms and Conditions are applicable to all rental agreements, quotations and offers made and agreed upon by Karunika, in the broadest sense of the word.

    2. 2.2.  Upon entering into an agreement, the renter agrees with Karunika's General Rental Terms and Conditions and has reviewed the following documents: 'Price List' , 'Reductions' and ' Rules of the House' .

    3. 2.3.  2.3 Karunika has the right to change the General Rental Terms and Conditions at any given time.

    4. 2.4.  The latest version will always be available to view online.

2.5. Exceptions and/or alterations to these General Rental Terms are only valid when they are explicitly confirmed by Karunika or have been made part of additional terms or conditions.

3. Booking procedure


3.2. 3.3. 3.4. 3.5.

3.6. 3.7.

Booking Procedure Groups:

  1. 3.1.1.  Customer completes booking form.

  2. 3.1.2.  Customers receives confirmation from Karunika.

  3. 3.1.3.  Customer pays €25,- booking registration fee.

  4. 3.1.4.  Date(s) added to calendar by Karunika.

  5. 3.1.5.  Booking status is confirmed.

A rental agreement comes into effect after confirmation has been sent from Karunika and booking registration has been paid.
Only the reserved rooms and / or facilities which are listed in the agreement may be utilized.
The current prices can be found on the Karunika website. The renter agrees to the prices that are in effect at the time of the booking.
Booking Extension

3.5.1. If needed, on the day of the booking, you can extend your reservation if the schedule allows. To do this send an email with the details to info @ karunika.nl.
In the case of the room, the rate the extension is € 20.00 per hour, regardless of the time, and for the therapy room € 10.00 per hour, regardless of the time.

Uncommunicated or unagreed use of halls or rooms is strictly prohibited.

Booking Procedure Therapist:

  1. 3.7.1.  When a Therapist has purchased their pre-paid subscription they will be given access to the online agenda and can manage their own bookings.

  2. 3.7.2.  Bookings may be made a maximum of 10 days in advance and no longer (advance bookings can be made, these fall under the terms and conditions set out for Groups).

  3. 3.7.3.  It is not permitted to make any changes to the bookings of others.

  4. 3.7.4.  Pre-paid subscription validity length:

    • ●  3 time subscription: valid for 3 months from date of purchase.

    • ●  10 time subscription: valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

    • ●  35 time subscription: valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

      Booking Procedure Weekly Renter:

  1. 3.8.1.  Dates and schedule discussed individually and confirmed via email.

  2. 3.8.2.  Booking periods are for minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 1 year.


4. Cancellation or Rescheduling4.1. Cancellation policy Group:



  1. 4.1.1.  Less than 1 week before date of booking: 100% rental price will be billed.

  2. 4.1.2.  Between 1 month and 1 week before date of booking: 50% rental price will be billed.

  3. 4.1.3.  More than 1 month before date of booking: registration fee.

  4. 4.1.4.  More than 2 months before date of booking: registration fee will be


  5. 4.1.5.  In the case of cancellation of multiple booking, cancellation criteria apply

    to each individual date.

  6. 4.1.6.  Cancellation must be via email only to info @ karunika.nl

Rescheduling policy Group:

  1. 4.2.1.  Rescheduling less 1 week before date of booking: 50% rental price

    will be added to final invoice.

  2. 4.2.2.  Rescheduling between 1 month and 1 week before date of booking:

    25% rental price will be added to final invoice.

  3. 4.2.3.  Rescheduling more than 1 month before date of booking: Additional

    registration fee.

Cancellation policy Therapist:

  1. 4.3.1.  Therapists may cancel or move bookings at any time without incurring fees. A fair use policy applies.

  2. 4.3.2.  S ubscription buy-back (refund). Karunika will buy back any unused pre-paid subscriptions under the following conditions:

    • ●  3 time subscription: 75% (of original purchase price) buy back up to 1 week before expiry date.

    • ●  10 time subscription: 50% (of original purchase price) buy back up to 1 week before expiry date.

    • ●  30 time subscription: 30% (of original purchase price) buy back up to 2 weeks before expiry date .

      Cancellation policy Weekly Renter :

  1. 4.4.1.  For a 6 month booking period a 1 month notice period applies.

  2. 4.4.2.  For a 12 month booking period a 2 month notice period applies.

  3. 4.4.3.  Karunika reserves the right to cancel bookings. The same notice period is


  4. 4.4.4.  Interim Cancellation: Max 2 days of cancellation (billed at 50%) are

    allowed in any 6 month period provided a minimum of 2 weeks notice is given (communication via email to info @ karunika.nl).


5. Use of rented space(s)5.1. Room access times

  1. 5.1.1.  You can enter the hall or room no earlier than 15 minutes before the time of your reservation. You must vacate the hall or room by no later than 15 minutes after your reserved time.

  2. 5.1.2.  You may only use the allocated hall or room that you reserved.

  1. 5.2.  Extra Cleaning Costs: If the space if not returned as it was found and Karunika is obliged to clean after use then the registration cost of € 25, will be used to cover these extra costs.

  2. 5.3.  Renter must follow the instructions from the Karunika management and staff regarding the use of the rented space(s) and observe the house rules.

  3. 5.4.  Renter must adhere to the maximum allowed number of guests per rented space (s) as determined by Karunika.

  4. 5.5.  Renter must ensure that no damage is caused to the building and to the property inside the building.

  5. 5.6.  Renter must leave the space(s) in the same state as in which they were found.

  6. 5.7.  At the beginning the room must be found in a proper state. If that is not the case,

    please report this immediately and take photos where appropriate.

  7. 5.8.  The renter is also required to take all reasonable measures to prevent damage as referred to in article 5.3.

  8. 5.9.  The taking of such measures, referred to under 5.6, does not relieve the lessee of the obligation to report and compensate for the above mentioned damage to Karunika.

  9. 5.10.  The renter is responsible for damage caused to its walls, floors, etc. in the rented space(s) and to the goods therein at the expense of the lessee, in so far as the damage occurred at the time of use of the space in question is directly or indirectly caused by the renter or client or customer of renter.

  10. 5.11.  The renter agrees to pay necessary repair costs for any damage caused by the renter or client or customer of renter.

  11. 5.12.  Renter shall ensure that no flammable or explosive substances, gases, hazardous and / or combustible goods, odor-spreading substances are used in the rented space(s) during therental period, unless authorized by Karunika in writing.

  12. 5.13.  Renter is familiar with the House Rules (see separate document).

  13. 5.14.  Inside of the Karunika premises and in the immediate vicinity of the entrance

    smoking is prohibited.

  14. 5.15.  Before and during an activity, meeting or event, measures that Karunika

    considers necessary with regard to the noise level in the various room(s) should

    be taken.

  15. 5.16.  Windows and exterior doors should be closed at all times when music is played

    or made audible.

  16. 5.17.  The renter is not allowed to enter or interfere with a co-renter's room(s) during

    the rental period.

  17. 5.18.  The renter must ensure that the renter or his / her guests do not cause a

    nuisance when using or leaving the room(s).

  18. 5.19.  Renter must ensure that the property is quietly entered and exited, without any

    inconvenience for residents or co-renters.

  19. 5.20.  In certain cases, renter is reasonably requested to show flexibility in changing the

    location from 11 to 38 or vice versa. In the case of a request to change space, the lessee is always offered compensation.

  1. 5.21.  Due to limited space, storage of items is only possible in consultation and in some cases at an additional cost.

  2. 5.22.  Access to the room is via the key locker. It is not allowed to pass the code to someone else. In case you make regular use of the room (minimum 3 times a month) you can get a private key for a fee of € 15,00 (€ 10,00 deposit and € 5,00 costs).

  3. 5.23.  Any items used or borrowed must be returned to the location and place from which they were originally taken.

  1. Food and use of the kitchen

    1. 6.1.  The kitchen may be used to prepare tea, coffee and refreshments.

    2. 6.2.  The kitchen may not be used for the preparation of food.

    3. 6.3.  All kitchenware, plates, cups and glassware etc must be washed thoroughly and

      returned clean and dry to draws and cupboards after use. Failure to do so will

      incur a €10,- cleaning fee.

    4. 6.4.  The renter is not allowed to sell brought along consumables unless a written permit to this effect has been issued by Karunika.

    5. 6.5.  No food may be left behind in the fridge.

  2. Payment Policy





7.5. 7.6.


  1. 7.1.1.  Payment is due 10 days after invoice date.

  2. 7.1.2.  Invoice will be issued directly after event date. Karunika may choose to

    invoice multiple events at the end of the month.

  3. 7.1.3.  Individuals or companies which are not based in the Netherlands will be

    required to pay the full amount 14 days before the date of booking.


7.2.1. Pre-paid subscriptions must be purchased before booking or use of space.

Weekly Renter

  1. 7.3.1.  Weekly rental agreements will be invoiced monthly.

  2. 7.3.2.  Payment is due 10 days after invoice date

If the renter fails to pay their invoice Karunika may be obliged to refer the invoice to a 3rd party collection agency. In this case extrajudicial costs and or collection costs may be levied against the renter.
Prices offered and / or product combinations are subject to (price) changes.

The annual rent adjustment (indexing) will take place in January.

8. Liability

8.1. Karunika is in no way responsible or liable for any damage to or loss and theft of clothing and / or other goods present in the wardrobe or any other room.

  1. 8.2.  Karunika is not responsible for goods belonging to renter or third parties and is not responsible for ensuring and insuring them.

  2. 8.3.  Karunika reserves the right to remove any goods left behind without being liable for loss or damage.

  3. 8.4.  Karunika is in no way responsible or liable for any psychological or physical complaints arising during, before or after participation in an activity of renters and users of Karunika.

  4. 8.5.  Renter is liable for the payment of the rights paid by the Buma / Stemra and Videma Association or by a foreign sister organization of the Buma / Stemra and Videma Association or another third-party music copyright, and indemnifies Karunika entirely for any claim of this article in respect of copyrighted music brought to the audience by the renter in Karunika's room(s).

  5. 8.6.  Renter will be held fully liable for its participants and / or guests, (business) partners or other contacts that can be associated with the renter who are causing damage to Karunika.

  6. 8.7.  If a specific article of these Terms and Conditions is void or has been cancelled, the remaining articles of these Terms and Conditions will remain in full force.

  7. 8.8.  Failure to comply with the terms and conditions will result in immediate and irreversible cancellation of the lease agreement, including any reservations already made, without any right to refund or the possibility of recovering any resulting damage to the renter.

  8. 8.9.  The renter will be charged with any fines and consequential damages suffered by Karunika.

9. Force Majeure

  1. 9.1.  Karunika is not liable if and insofar as its commitments can not be met as a result of force majeure.

  2. 9.2.  Force majeure is understood to mean any foreign cause, as well as any circumstance that, in principle, is beyond one's own power. Delay in or malfunctioning by its suppliers, Internet malfunctions, gas faults, electricity, water, sewage, heating, malfunctions in mail traffic, and malfunctions or changes in third party technology, transport options,workstations, governmental measures, delays in the supply, delays in the supply of gas, water and electricity, negligence of suppliers and / or manufacturers of Karunika as well as of assistance personnel, staff illness, defects in auxiliary or transport means, expressly constitute force majeure.

  3. 9.3.  In case of force majeure, Karunika reserves the right to suspend its obligations and is also entitled to dissolve the agreement in whole or in part, or to claim that the content of the agreement is amended in such a way that implementation remains possible. In no case is Karunika liable to pay any penalty or damages.

  4. 9.4.  If, at the commencement of force majeure, Karunika has already partially fulfilled its obligations or is able to fulfill its obligations only partially, it is entitled to invoice the delivered or separately delivered item and the customer is obliged to comply with this invoice as if it were a separate contract. However, this does not apply if the already delivered or available portion has no independent value.


  1. 9.5.  Karunika never accepts any liability directly or indirectly for (case) damage caused by force majeure and loss of income from its clients / renters regarding interruption, renewal, relocation, repetition or re-execution of any training, performance, workshop, course, training or other activity in the rented.

  2. 9.6.  Karunika is not obliged to meet any form of compensation on the part of the renter, directly or indirectly, which goes beyond the period within which the force majeure is maintained and never exceeds the amount of room rent agreed with the client / renter for the duration of period in which force majeure is maintained, as described in Article 9 above.

Dissolution of the (lease) agreement

  1. 10.1.  The contract may be terminated immediately by the lessor in the case of:

    • ●  Failure to honor the obligations of the lessor as stipulated in the lease


    • ●  Fraudulent use by the renters (or users) of the rented space.

    • ●  Nuisance by renter (or users) to other renters or to Karunika.

    • ●  Proven lack of expertise in the professional discharge of the activity offered

      by the lessor.

    • ●  Providing incorrect information or withholding correct information to the

      lessor by renter.

    • ●  Serious suspicion of possible public order disruption by renter (or users).

  2. 10.2.  Lessor will not be liable for any form of compensation.

  3. 10.3.  Applicable law in case of disputes.

  4. 10.4.  In case of disputes between the lessor and the lessee, Dutch law applies.

  5. 10.5.  Possible disputes will be submitted to the competent court in the residence of the